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Dcabinets Custom IKEADunsmuir CabinetsCharcoal Phenolics, Solicor
Photo: Jason Gnewikow
Design:DI Arch Photo:Meghan Bob
dCabinets custom Teak and black Phenolic with integrated pulls over IKEA cabinets
Design:Graziana TestaPhoto:Jan Lim
Dunsmuir Cabinets dCabinets custom Ikea Painted white intrgral pulls
Design: SABO Projects Photo: Yuki Nakajima
Ikea custom cabinets palisandro walnut dcabinets Dunsmuir cabinets
Design: DcabinetsPhoto: Jan Lim
Dcabinets Custom IKEA Dunsmuir Cabinets Palisandro Blue (TSS)
Design: Duane Smith Photo:Stefane Barbeau
dCabinets painted custom fronts integrated pull IKEA cabinets textured melamine
Photo: Jan Lim
Dunsmuir Cabinets Fenix Negro Black IKEA
Photo: Clarity NW
dCabinets cool white painted Custom fronts with integrated pulls Ikea cabinets
Photo: Colin Miller
Dunsmuir Cabinets custom Ikea painted white integrated pulls
Design: CHA:COLPhoto: Edward Duarte
Dunsmuir Cabinets Custom Installation Flatsawn Walnut warm White
Design: DI Arch.Photo: John Kiffe
dcabinets Dunsmuir Cabinets custom IKEA painted greige
Design: Local Brooklyn Photo: Ben Rahn A-Frame
custom ikea painted fronts cabinets modern minimal contemporary integrated pulls dcabinets
Photo:Lorenzo Vicisano
dCabinets bathroom Dunsmuir cabinets custom IKEA painted white
Design: SABO Projects Photo: Yuki Nakajima
Design/Photo: Jason Gwenikow
custom ikea dark gray Dunsmuir Cabinets dCabinets painted integrated pull oak carrara marble
Photo: Jan Lim
Custom Ikea Dunsmuir Cabinets White Breakfast Nook
Photo: Colin Miller
Ikea Custom PAX Palisandro Walnut dCabinets Dunsmuir Cabinets
Design: DcabinetsPhoto: Jan Lim
Custom Ikea Fenix Dunsmuir Cabinets integrated pull
Design: DcabinetsPhoto: Jan Lim
Design:DI Arch Photo:Meghan Bob

Dream Big, Accept Only the Good:

We provide the same quality of design, materials and colors as found in European kitchen showrooms — at a more affordable price. We enjoy the playful innovation of IKEA, the way it engages a diverse audience and people of all ages. At the same time, we are dissatisfied with the quality and selection, the repetition of standard parts. Why simply purchase more of the same? Dunsmuir Cabinets preserves the creative joy of individual design while we allow you to select the same beautiful materials as used by leading designers.

What We Offer:

Buy your IKEA cabinet boxes and hardware; then add our fronts to give your kitchen an exclusive look. We offer the largest selection of premium materials, beautiful finishes and colors for your IKEA kitchen, PAX wardrobes, Godmorgon vanities and custom furniture designs. If you identify a beautiful material not available on our webpage, or find an awesome detail or inspirational kitchen image, send it to and enquire whether it too can be made with IKEA cabinets. If you require additional parts: floating shelves, interior drawer fronts or finished boxes, in one of our select materials, we can provide these as well. Now, scroll above and click on Our Products, select a Material, Color and Integrated Pull, then click Start Designing and follow the prompts to our fully automated Design page. Click on the green plus sign to access all the IKEA patterns and custom Tool Box variations. When you complete your design selections, and discover the myriad of choices, click the blue $ sign for an itemized estimate — it's that easy.

How Can We Help:

We will talk you through the most confusing questions and guide you toward the best solution. All of our suggestions are free. Our prices are based solely on the final material area that you purchase. If you don't enjoy designing online, send us your IKEA plan or architectural elevations to for an automated design estimate. When you place your order, Dunsmuir Cabinets produces detailed confirmation drawings for your final approval. Our architects and designers will help you resolve the material and color, the dimensions of custom parts, appliance surrounds and integrated fronts. Production takes at least four weeks and we ship everywhere in North America. Your individual doors and drawers arrive with the required hardware patterns and a removable sticker to identify their precise location. In this way, final installation takes only minutes. Remember, your installer is often the most experienced person, and the greatest source of ideas. Now, we told you how to do it — go to it.