Terms of Use

1. Summary of Understanding:

Dunsmuir Cabinets is a family owned small business.  Our underlying purpose is to expand the design and material selections offered by IKEA; to unleash the creativity of our customer/designers to make original solutions, and generate aspirational designs like those in Italian showrooms, at an affordable price. Our Terms of Use outline the types of services we provide, the rights and obligations of our customer/designers and the limitations and exclusions that apply to your purchase on  Please read the following Terms of Use carefully before using this website or making any purchase.  All use of this website implies agreement with these Terms and all purchases require a signed confirmation of agreement at the time of payment.

2. Samples:

We produce commercial quality cabinet fronts and custom parts for use with your IKEA Sektion, Akurum, Godmorgon and PAX cabinet boxes as well as floating shelves using Shelfology hardware.  As with any custom product, we highly recommend ordering a color and/or material sample prior to placing your order.  Carefully read the notice found on the sample warning of color variation characteristic of natural materials and perceived color variation due to paint finish or sheen.  Do not select a material or color based upon its online image as these photos are digital approximations.  All panels are finished (front/back/edges) and include, where required, the precut IKEA hardware patterns for installation.  We do not provide nor install IKEA boxes or hardware.  If the customer provides a precise cut list with finished dimensions, and kitchen elevations identifying grain pattern, we may also provide custom fronts without hardware patterns for other kitchen makes and models.  

3. Customer Design Estimates:

The customer/designer may make their own Design Estimates by first creating a free account, in the upper right hand corner of our homepage and second, by selecting their desired material and IKEA pattern codes on our Design page.  Begin by clicking Start Designing; follow the prompts to the Design page; add patterns by clicking the green plus sign, then edit and customize your design, and receive an itemized estimate by clicking the blue $ on the start desiging page.  All estimates (andsubsequent orders) made in the state of California are subject to state saletaxes.  The design estimate is neverthe actual purchase and it does not include the cost of shipping and handling.  When preparing your final ConfirmationDrawings, this Design Estimate is subject to change and to final customerapproval.  All information placed uponour website is the sole property of Dunsmuir Cabinets, and all priceestimates are subject to change until you place your deposit.

4. Dunsmuir Cabinets Design Estimates:

Customers may instead choose to contact us with their well-dimensioned kitchen elevations, or IKEA planning scheme, or contract IKEA design, along with their first choice of material/color/pull.  We will prepare a free estimate using our online Design tool. The customer may edit this design online to create alternate estimates in various materials.  The design estimate is never the actual purchase and it does not include the cost of shipping and handling.  Send your kitchen elevations, or IKEA planner scheme, with IKEA front patterns, as a high-quality pdf to  All information placed on our website is thesole property of Dunsmuir Cabinets,

5. Pricing Structure:

The itemized estimate is based entirely upon the specific material area, pull type and the length of floating shelves.  This estimate is subject to change, if the customer adds or subtracts pieces in the Confirmation Drawings, and it does not include the cost of shipping and handling.  All online design estimates are subject to change until you place your deposit. When the first payment is paid, the online estimate is locked and may not be changed.  The design estimate remains a fixed datum for comparison, which helps Dunsmuir Cabinets distinguish the actual cost of the final purchase.  All estimates are free of cost to the customer.  The pricing structure for each material group found on our Materials page, varies.  There are no hidden fees or alternate means of pricing.  Dunsmuir Cabinets is constantly updating and revising our product offerings and services.  We may discontinue products and services at any time and without notice, and we are not liable for any lack of availability of products or services that you may order through our website.  All pricing for products available on our site, are subject to change.  We reserve the right to make adjustments to our prices and products due to changing market conditions, product discontinuation, manufacturer price changes, errors in advertisements and other extenuating circumstances.

6. Minimum Orders:

Dunsmuir Cabinets does not provide retail sales of individual parts, nor imitate the colors and materials offered by IKEA.  Due to the cost of custom paint setup, materials and shipping, Dunsmuir Cabinets has a minimum order size of one sheet of finished material.  Minimum order sizes help reduce the overall cost of materials and our general pricing.  The moment your online order exceeds our minimum order size, the minimum order fee will disappear.  Any special orders for items or materials not on our website, will be quoted separately.  Dunsmuir Cabinets reserves the right to change its prices to reflect the current material and manufacturing costs, and to rectify discrepancies in final invoices caused by personal error or our website estimator, without notice and at any time.  

7. Preliminary Shipping estimate (PSE)/Final Shipping Cost (FSQ):

Dunsmuir Cabinets is not a shipping company and does not provide delivery services.You may request a Preliminary Shipping Estimate, based upon your online Design Estimate, when placing your non-refundable first payment. We contact a third-party logistics company to receive a current price estimate. Preliminary estimates are valuable, and often a requirement of, general construction budgeting.  If you require a preliminary shipping estimate, send your request to with your name, order number, zip code and shipping requirements (Assessorials).  Preliminary shipping estimates are subject to change at any time.

The Final Shipping Cost is calculated once your order is complete and crated.  We contact a third-party logistics company to receive the current price.  The cost of shipping and handling is based upon the weight and size of the container, the zip code and any special requirements (assessorials) at the precise time of shipping release. All projects are shipped with a bonded carrier and insured against damage or loss in transit.  Insurance deductibles apply.  The amount of your Final Shipping cost is not subject to change for 7 days, and once paid, is non-refundable and final.  

8. Custom Colors:

Dunsmuir Cabinets does not charge for custom color match of Benjamin Moore and NCS colors. When selecting a sample of a standard Dunsmuir color, the customer will receive a paper swatch for color identification, not a painted material panel. If the customer chooses a custom color from the Benjamin Moore or NCS pallet, they must send their request to with the precise color name and identification code. Correct color selection and proper color identification is entirely the responsibility of the customer/designer. Dunsmuir Cabinet bares no liability for, nor warranty of, the customer's color selections or their color mis-identifiation.

9. Objective Color Match and Color Test Panels:

When mixing paint colors, we use a digital scanner and the Milesi Kromosystem to create the precise color match.  There is no subjective mixing, approximation, nor color equivalence chart. As a result, there is no need for subjective color approval by the customer unless requested at the time of purchase.  If the customer/designer requires a painted test panel, contact for an estimate.  Once the color is mixed, using the Kromosystem, it may not be changed nor altered due to the subjective perception of the customer. There are many reasons for misconstruing a painted color: finish sheen, artificial lighting, iridescence and affective quantification of color.  Before ordering, create a material/color pallet for the entire kitchen and consult your professional designer.  Selecting a custom color, adding custom powder-coated pulls, or changing the material or color found in the original estimate, may increase production time. We reserve the right to make adjustments products due to changing market conditions, product discontinuation, manufacturer capabilities and other extenuating circumstances.  

10. First payment/Final Purchase/Shipping Costs:

The first payment is made when the customer has completed their online design estimate, found on our design page. The first payment totals 50% of the Design estimate and it may be paid online, by mail or wire transfer. This payment is not for the purchase of cabinets, but instead, it commits Dunsmuir Cabinets to the making of detailed Confirmation Drawings resolving the customer's unique design needs. The first payment is for services and the deliverables are the Confirmation Drawings. All prices found on the initial payment are valid for a period of 60 days. The second payment is for the balance of the panel and parts costs defined by the customer's approved Confirmation Drawings and Final Invoice. The Final itemized Invoice reflects the total price of the actual purchase and the contract of sale. It is defined by the material area, pull type and length of floating shelves. The entire cost of the first payment will be credited to the Final Invoice. If the first payment exceeds the Final Invoice, the overpayment will be credited toward shipping costs, or returned to the customer in the event of Will Call pick-up. The third payment is for the total Shipping Costs, as defined by the customer's precise needs and request (Assessorials). Shipping costs must be paid prior to release of the order. Failure to pay for shipping will automatically make your order into a will call pick-up and your delivery date becomes the date of completion and placement on the shipping dock. All three payments are final and non-refundable. Failure to complete payment will cause a stop in production or shipment, and the eventual cancellation without refund, after 30 days from the time of delivery to the shipping dock.

11. Forms of Acceptable Payment:

At its sole discretion, Dunsmuir Cabinets accepts limited forms of payment, and your purchase is not complete until we have received your Final payment. The customer represents and warrants: that the credit card information supplied is true, correct and complete; that the charges incurred by the customer will be honored by their credit card company; and that the customer will pay charges incurred, for the amount of the invoice, including all applicable taxes and shipping, when requested.    

Acceptable forms of payment include credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) check, money order and wire transfer. Work will begin once credit card payment has been approved or payment by check has cleared the customer’s bank.  Any returned check accrues a $40 processing fee added to your order.  No order with a value of $10,000.00 US (or more) may be purchased with a credit card.  Unlike payment by check, credit cards are a form of credit where the credit card company transfers costs, hidden fees and risk to the vendor.  Dunsmuir Cabinets does not charge more for credit card purchases.  Instead, we offer a discount for purchases made by check, money order or wire transfer. Dunsmuir Cabinets reserves the right to refuse your credit card payment.  You may place your first payment on our website, using your credit card or, by calling our office at 1 (323) 426-9062.  All payments are non-refundable and all purchases are final.  Please read the Special Conditions found below.   

You may make checks payable to Dunsmuir Cabinets and send them to: Dunsmuir Cabinets, 605 N. Mariposa Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90004.  Please note on the check the name and order number found on the Invoice.  Customers must be 18 years of age, provide true and accurate information on their order form and complete all the required fields on the logon page and Credit Card Authorization.  An order may only be placed under your individual name or your name as the representative of a company. Orders will not be placed in production or released until full payment has been received and confirmed. All payments are non-refundable, all purchases are final.

12. Privacy and Customer Information:

Dunsmuir Cabinets is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring credit card security. To complete credit card purchases, we require your correct name, billing address, shipping address, credit card information, phone number and customer password for each order.  For security reasons, we do not retain credit information, and your personal information is kept on a secure server to prevent unauthorized use. Under no circumstance does Dunsmuir Cabinets share personal information with any third party.

13. Confirmation Drawings:

When we receive the first payment, the online design estimate may no longer be changed or edited.  Dunsmuir Cabinets produces detailed Confirmation Drawings of your custom design parts for final approval.  We base these drawings on your submitted IKEA planner scheme, Architectural Kitchen Elevations or IKEA design by a third party.  When placing your first payment, send us the finished room dimensions and your appliance schedule (make and model number for appliances designed for flush overlay installation) to  If you select panel ready appliances, we will propose the flush integrated front sizes and cabinet surround for your approval.  The customer/designer is responsible for the accuracy of all information found in their submitted documents. Confirmation Drawings allow the customer/designer to make custom details, door sizes, hardware locations, and fully integrated kitchen design. Upon receiving the Confirmation Drawings, the customer/designer shall respond, in a timely manner, with any corrections or changes.  To prepare your Confirmation Drawings, we must communicate directly with the customer/designer or their authorized agent (Architect, Interior Designer or Project Manager).  

Confirmation Drawings are not a required design tool, but a means used by Dunsmuir Cabinets to resolve design conflicts and to determine the size and location of all custom parts.  The Confirmation Drawings are made, based upon the fully resolved design submitted by the customer/designer.  If, upon receiving the Confirmation Drawings, the customer or their agent makes substantial changes to the original design or selects to start over with a new design, Dunsmuir Cabinets reserves the right to charge a drafting fee for changes to, or remaking of, these drawings.

14. Final Approval:

The customer shall provide approval of the Confirmation Drawings and payment of the Final Invoice, no later than 60 days after their initial payment. After 60 days, the purchase price may change, or the order may be declared abandoned and become subject to cancellation.  When we receive your signed Confirmation Drawings and payment, we will immediately begin production and any further changes to your order are no longer possible. At the moment the customer/designer approves the Confirmation Drawings, the order is Final and any subsequent changes will comprise a new or additional item.  Minimum order requirements and fees may apply. Please remember, by confirming your order, you are completing a custom manufactured purchase; you are authorizing the count, the specific items chosen and the precise dimensions of all custom parts and custom hardware patterns. We do not take responsibility for errors made in your selections, your custom dimensions or changes. If your cabinets are not assembled according to plan, if you alter the appliances, change site conditions, install the panels improperly, alter (or cut) doors or drawers, or modify the IKEA boxes in a way that alters the hardware patterns, the panels may not work as designed. The customer/designer must review appliance dimensions, their installation requirements, the count and custom item dimensions before sending us their final approval. In the case of credit card purchases, the customer’s agent may review and advise, but only the card holder may provide final approval.

15. Nominal Production Time / Actual Production Time:

Our nominal production time is 4-8 weeks after final approval of the Confirmation Drawings. This period is subject to change. Upon approval, Dunsmuir Cabinets will send you a projected or nominal completion date. The actual production time may be longer based upon the size, the material availability, unique production requirements or accidental circumstances. Dunsmuir Cabinets does not provide nor guarantee contractual lead times. We do not warranty, either stated or implied, the production time nor the time required for delivery by your carrier. Do not schedule contractors nor installation based upon the projected completion date. Installation agreements and are entirely the responsibility of the customer/designer, and their precise schedule are made entirely at the customer’s own risk. Installation should not be planned months or weeks in advance. The only absolutely certain time to schedule installation is after delivery and inspection of your order for shipping damage.  

16. Shipping: Commercial Delivery or Will Call Pick-up

Shipping fees are not included in your first payment nor your final purchase.  Dunsmuir Cabinets will contact a third-party logistics company to request the current cost of shipping. Shipping and handling costs are based upon the size and dimensions of the pallet, its total weight, total insurance value, the destination zip code and any special handling requirements (Assessorials). Standard shipping includes crating, pallets, insurance and (LTL) Less Than Load residential curbside delivery, lift gate unloading and phone appointment to schedule delivery. If truck access is limited to your desired address, your order will be transferred to a small delivery truck at the customer’s added expense. If the customer does not respond to, or cannot receive delivery of the shipment by the carrier at the scheduled time of delivery, there will be additional shipping fees added by the carrier for storage, handling and any return trips. Estimated delivery time within the continental US requires 3-10 business days, and may vary. If you have any additional types of delivery requirements (Assessorials), you must notify Dunsmuir Cabinets before purchasing shipping.  If the customer/designer misrepresents their delivery needs or the conditions or obstacles limiting delivery at the time of purchase, the correct costs will be adjusted by the carrier, and the customer must pay the adjusted price at the time of delivery.  

In all circumstances, commercial delivery FOB (Free on Board) shipping standards apply, and ownership and risk of loss is transferred to the customer when the finished order is delivered to our shipping dock. The customer’s carrier is in possession (and assumes the risk of loss or damage) until the time of delivery. All shipping costs and insurance shall be paid by the customer before release of the order to the customer’s carrier. All payments for shipping and handling are non-refundable and final.

17. Will Call Pick-up

Customers may avoid the cost of shipping by placing their order in Will Call and pick up their order directly from our California or Washington State production facilities. If the customer selects will call pick-up, they must inform Dunsmuir Cabinets. The Delivery Date of their order becomes the date of completion and placement on the shipping dock. We will provide an appointed time for pick-up, and notify our OEM to issue a release of your order. The customer shall arrive promptly with a truck capable of transporting a 4’ wide X 8’ long X 30” high skirted wooden pallet which may exceed the interior dimensions and standard 800lbs vehicle load capacity of an SUV. The customer will assume ownership of their order upon pick-up; will assume all liability for damage caused in transit; and will assume all responsibility for transport in the event of return; as well as responsibility for the eventual transport of replacement items for any Remake Order. Carefully consider these responsibilities before selecting Will Call pickup.

18. Delivery

Upon delivery, carefully review and store your order in a securelocation to prevent loss, theft or damage by water, sun or high temperatures. Never leave nor store the shipping container,nor its contents, outdoors.  Cabinet fronts are not designed for outdoor use. If, upon delivery, there is damage to the exterior of the shipping container, mark “damaged” on the Bill of Lading (BOL), take photographs which identify the container, and document any damage which may have occurred in transit. Immediately send these images to with the date, order number and description. Damage to the shipping container is an accepted sign of abuse in transit and is generally recognized by the carrier’s insurer. The carrier insures the order against damage and loss in transit. The owner must inspect and identify any shipping damage to individual parts within 48 hours of delivery.  After this time, your carrier’s insurance will consider any further damage that is discovered, as caused by installation or customer use.

19. Shipping Damage:

The customer has the obligation to receive and sign for the delivery of all goods, to inspect the cabinet fronts for shipping damage or manufacturing defect, and to confirm that the order is complete and correct. The customer must notify Dunsmuir Cabinets of shipping damage within 48hours of customer delivery, and manufacturing defect or discrepancies in your order, within 10 working days of customer delivery. When making a shipping damage claim, please send Dunsmuir Cabinets your order and part number (found on the back of the individual panel), as well as a photograph of the damage and a brief description. Send your claim to Dunsmuir Cabinet, 605 N. Mariposa Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90004;

20. Shipping Insurance Claims:

If you discover shipping damage, set the damaged piece to one side in its wrapping and immediately notify Dunsmuir Cabinets of its condition. Isolating the damaged part will help its identification and avoid confusion when requesting a replacement. Do not remove the identification stickers, found on the panel back, until the entire installation is complete and adjusted properly. Do not dispose of any damaged part nor use it for another purpose. The insurer has the Right of Return. Instead, document the damage and part number by digital photograph and make a brief description. Send this information to  We will file the insurance claim with your carrier on your behalf and immediately request replacement parts to avoid further installation delays. Dunsmuir Cabinets will expedite replacement and shipping of all damaged replacement parts. The customer/designer will receive a Confirmation Drawing and Warranty Invoice to confirm identification on the Replacement Order. This is not a bill. If, however the customer asks to change a replacement part, to alter an item, or add additional or new pieces, the cost of new parts will appear on the Remake Order Invoice with additional shipping costs. Upon final settlement by your carrier, Dunsmuir Cabinets will be reimbursed for the cost of damage replacement parts.

21. Insurance Settlements:

Insurance claims do not cover compensatory damages such as construction delays. If the customer is required by the carrier’s insurance company to pay any return freight, that amount will be added to the final insurance settlement. Never try to modify or install a damaged part, since damage discovered during cabinet assembly is the sole responsibility of the installer and the customer. Always save damaged parts and their packaging.  Your freight shipping company has the "Right of Return" and salvage. If the customer cannot produce the damaged part, or cannot show physical evidence of shipping damage, the carrier’s insurance will void the claim and Dunsmuir Cabinets will bill the customer for any replacement part.

22. Warranty of Manufacturing Error or Missing Part:

If the order includes grain match panels, carefully identify and layout all the grain match panel groupings before beginning to install. If, after receiving the order and inspecting the pieces, the customer identifies a manufacturing error or missing part, set the faulty part aside and compare it to your approved Confirmation Drawings. Isolating the faulty part will help identify the piece and avoid confusion when requesting a replacement. Document the defective part by digital photograph and make a brief description. Send this information, along with the precise part and order number to  Dunsmuir Cabinets will expedite a Remake Order. The customer will receive a Confirmation Drawing and Warranty Invoice for identification and approval. This is not a bill. The customer must report any manufacturing defect within 10 working days of Delivery. If the customer asks to change the replacement part, the altered item is considered a new order and is subject to billing and shipping costs. Do not try to install a defective piece, since any damage caused during assembly is the responsibility of the installer and customer. Save the defective part and its wrapping. Our manufacturer has the "Right of Return”and salvage. If the customer cannot produce the faulty part, the manufacturer will void the Remake Order and Dunsmuir Cabinets will charge the customer for replacement.

23. General Terms of Limited Warranty:

All Dunsmuir Cabinets products are warrantied against manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship from the date of final purchase, subject to limitations and to proper residential use. The customer/designer assumes all risk of design error at the time of final approval of Confirmation Drawings. All panels and fronts shall be machined to the proper size and with the proper milling and hardware pattern to make possible an accurate assembly, according to the customer’s approved Confirmation Drawings. The customer must demonstrate the defect, by photo and part identification. Dunsmuir Cabinet’s warranty is limited to the replacement of part/parts listed on the approved Confirmation Drawings. The customer may not change nor make addendum to these warranty Terms. There are no other warranty terms either expressed or implied, and warranty is not transferrable. These Terms may not be altered, supplemented, or amended, except with the written approval of Dunsmuir Cabinets.

24. Disclaimer of Financial Responsibility: Limited Liability

Every material has unique performance limits (explained on the manufacturer’s website) and a limitation of use as indoor kitchen cabinet fronts. The customer may not exceed these limits during installation or use, nor change the designated use. Failure to adhere will void your replacement warranty. If the cabinets are not assembled according to plan, if the appliances or site conditions are changed, or the panels are installed improperly, altered or cut,or the IKEA boxes are altered in a manner which changes the hardware patterns, the panels may not work as designed. Dunsmuir Cabinets is not responsible, nor liable, for any expenses incurred by the customer due to delays in production, delivery, job site installation or assembly time due to incorrect parts, delays for warranty parts or any other condition not listed in the Terms of Use.

25. Force Majeure

In addition to any reason provided by these Terms and applicable law, Dunsmuir Cabinets shall be excused from liability for delay in production or delivery for any reason or event beyond our reasonable control, whether or not foreseeable by either party, including but not limited to, labor disturbance, war, fire, accident, adverse weather, inability to secure transportation, governmental act or regulation, forces of nature, and other causes or events.

26. Damage in Use:

This limited warranty does not apply to any product that has been stored or assembled incorrectly, damaged in assembly or use, made subject to abuse or alteration, or used outside its intended purpose. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or scratches caused by accident or impact. It does not apply to products placed outdoors, exposed to direct sunlight or the environment, or used in a manner other than domestic storage.  Where applicable, the warranty does not cover consequential or incidental damages and only applies to the original purchaser of the product. This warranty is not transferable.

27. Cancellation/Abandonment:

All orders must be either shipped or picked-up at Will Call upon completion. Dunsmuir Cabinets does not provide storage. Failure to pay for shipping and handling makes your purchase undeliverable, and automatically places your order into Will Call pick-up. The Delivery Date becomes the date of completion and placement on the shipping dock. While your order awaits payment for shipping or Will Call pickup, it will accrue holding fees ($50 US per day) and eventually, will be subject to Cancellation. Any accrued holding fees must be paid by the customer before shipping release or, at the time of pickup. After providing Reasonable Notice by certified mail return, the customer fails to complete their purchase of shipping, or to pick up their order at Will Call (to accept delivery) for a period of 30 days, Dunsmuir Cabinets has the right to declare the order Abandoned, to sell, dispose of, or donate the order, as it chooses.  

28. Limited Cancellation Policy:

There are no cancellations nor returns of payments or merchandise upon request by the customer. If however, upon placing payment, and before approving the Confirmation Drawings, the customer experiences extraordinary circumstances which prevent them from completing their order, they should immediately contact Dunsmuir Cabinets at or call us at 1-323-426-9062. When we receive written verification, Dunsmuir Cabinets, at its discretion, may return the payment minus $500 for drafting services. Once the Confirmation Drawings and Final Invoice are approved and paid, the order is Final and in production. At this point, we may no longer assert our discretion due to extraordinary circumstances. Dunsmuir Cabinets reserves the right to cancel a payment at any time, and return the entire amount to the customer whether or not your credit card has been charged. If your credit card has been charged and your order is canceled you will receive a prompt refund to your account or refund check.

29. Alternative Dispute Resolution and Binding Arbitration Clause:

By making your purchase, the customer agrees that any legal claim or controversy arising under these Terms of Use shall be settled by mediation and, if unsuccessful, then by final and binding arbitration under the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the Judicial Arbitration & Mediation services in Los Angeles County (JAMS) and a judgment upon the award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. All proceedings shall take place in Los Angeles County, California. Where the constitutionally requisite minimum contacts are present to vest jurisdiction, the parties shall only petition for judicial assistance (whether to confirm or vacate the award or otherwise) in a federal or state court serving Los Angeles County, California. For a dispute to be arbitrable, a demand for arbitration must be made within Thirty (30) days of when the claim or controversy is known or should have been known.

Any controversy concerning this agreement will be settled by binding arbitration according to the rules of selected Mediation/Arbitration Association or if no agreement as to those rules then to the rules of the Judicial Arbitration & Mediation Services (JAMS) in Los Angeles County and judgment upon the award may be entered and enforced in any court. By completing your purchase, the customer also waives their right to participate in a class action law suit or class wide arbitration. Any and all settlements within individual binding arbitration, will not conflict with Dunsmuir Cabinet’s Terms of Use and Limited Warranty.

30. All Payments and Orders are Final, Non-Refundable and Non-Returnable:

All purchases and orders produced by Dunsmuir Cabinets are manufactured according to the specific requirements and custom choices made by the customer/designer. Each order is unique and, as a result, non-refundable and non-returnable.  We offer no refunds, returns, nor cancellations after the Confirmation Drawings are approved for production, and no refunds or cancellation for the cost of shipping and handling, once payment is made. Once approved, the customer may not contest their approved Confirmation Drawings (their final purchase) in any way at a future date. There will be no remakes, nor replacement of parts, except as authorized by Dunsmuir Cabinets. We do not pay for the customer’s contractor or installer to make changes or alterations to any part. The customer may not make nor request Terms outside those found here in. Dunsmuir Cabinet reserves the right to change these Terms at any time.