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Who We Are


Dunsmuir Cabinets was founded by a Swedish furniture designer and an American architect who share a love of IKEA and a frustration with contemporary kitchen showrooms.

As architects, we design kitchens and inevitably run into the same dilemma. Customers at IKEA share our excitement and adventure of design, while design showrooms offer the innovation—all the great stuff we can’t afford. Inevitably, we are forced to consume whatever is “out there” in an ever-shrinking pool of choice and quality.

Why couldn’t we offer everything, and actually put the dream back into custom kitchens? Let’s change the system, we decided: Make it simple, make it affordable, make it beautiful, but most of all, make it respond to the way we think today.

We started by asking some basic questions.

What if we reject the idea of what kitchen design is and start to think about what is possible? What if distinctions such as “custom design,” “modern” and “traditional” were replaced by what’s right, relevant and meaningful— what truly impacts our everyday life? What are the real design possibilities? What kind of kitchen would you dream up? What stories would you tell?

We established Dunsmuir Cabinets for one purpose: to build great ideas, unleashing the creative potential of unexpected strategies and executions. Every new design challenge, every new client, was suddenly an opportunity to pursue something different, a chance to balance the passion for great design with an understanding of what’s right, what works and what matters now.

Dunsmuir Cabinets doesn’t celebrate the identity of our brand nor force you to consume a particular style. Instead, we delight in the best possible answer. When you discover this, we also get noticed.