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Our intuitive tool empowers you to plan, explore, rearrange, and price-check as you go. If you need help to navigate our tool - Read on.
Step One

Design Your Ikea Kitchen

Plan your kitchen with IKEA’s online kitchen planner. Have that cabinet list in hand for Step 2. (If you’re ready to purchase the IKEA cabinets, remember to exclude doors, end panels, and drawers.)

Ikea Kitchen Planner
Blue Ikea storefront
Step Two

Design Your Custom Fronts

Now the real fun starts, in our opinion. Enter our custom design tool and select your IKEA cabinet line, desired front, and pull style.  An instant preview displays to the side. Rest assured you can change selections at any time prior to placing your order. Once you’re happy with your design, click ‘Lay Out’ under the preview window.

Design Cabinets
Step Three

Lay Out Your Cabinets

You’re now staring at your first wall. Click to edit wall diameters as necessary. Then click the Add (+) button on the upper right corner of that gray wall to add cabinets, using your IKEA cabinet list as reference. For a handy short cut, hover over an inserted cabinet to quickly duplicate, delete, or customize. Each cabinet icon can be dragged and dropped to your desired wall position.

Want an instant quote? Click on the blue dollar sign button. Change materials and check cost. Want to save your work as you go? (Your future self with thank you.) Click on the blue save icon button to either log in or set up a new account.

If you have cabinets on additional walls, click the blue add button below the wall you just completed. Keep on going until done.

Kitchen with wood grain cabinets and stone tile background
Step Four

Ready to Move Forward?

Now comes the final step! Email us and submit your plans for review. We strongly recommend you do so if you have ANY questions. That’s what we’re here for. If this all feels complicated, we are happy to help you with your quote. But if you’re confident you nailed your order exactly as needed and desired, click the cart icon button to check out to pay your deposit. Congratulations! We will next make your confirmation drawings.

Design Your Dreams


Start by browsing our FAQs. If you don’t find your answer, please reach out. We love questions early in the process rather than surprises late in the process, just as much as you do.

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