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Start Designing Your Kitchen

You can select a flush cabinet front and add your own hardware, or give up the metal handles and reduce your carbon footprint. We offer a variety of handsome integrated pulls for our lacquered and fiberboard cabinet fronts.

Pull 1

Continuous Edge

Pull 2

Integrated Edge

Pull 3

Integrated Mortise

Pull 4

Corner Edge

Pull 5

Integrated Mortise Wedge

Pull 6

Continuous Metal Edge

Pull 1: Continuous Edge

Pull 2: Integrated Edge

Pull 3: Integrated Mortise

Pull 4: Corner Edge

Pull 5: Integrated Mortise Wedge

Pull 6: Continuous Metal Edge

Prices and Dimensions

Pull 1: Continuous Edge

Machined pull along the top or bottom edge of the door or drawer.


Pull 2a: Integrated Edge 6-Inch

Machined pull, 6 inches long, at the edge of door or drawer.


Pull 2b: Integrated Edge 12-Inch

Machined pull, 12 inches long, at the edge of door or drawer.


Pull 3a: Integrated Mortise

Machined pull centered,on door or drawer 1 1/4” from edge.


Pull 4a: Corner Edge Left

Machined pull at left corner of door or drawer.


Pull 4b: Corner Edge Right

Machined pull at right corner of door or drawer.


Pull 5a: Integrated Mortise Wedge

Machined pull centered, on door or drawer. On small doors and drawers, located 1 1/4” from edge.


Pull 8: No Pull

Flush cabinet front allows you add your own hardware.