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Design Your IKEA Kitchen

Plan your kitchen with IKEA's online kitchen planning system. Purchase only the IKEA cabinets and hardware, without the doors and end panels.


Select Your Custom Options

When you press the "Continue" button below, you will be taken to our Build Your Kitchen page. Once there, select a material, a color and a pull style. Go ahead and play with the options—you may change your selection at any time before placing an order.


Add Your Cabinets.

After making your material selections, press the "Add Cabinets" button to open the Design page. Then click on the "+ Add a Cabinet" button. Using your IKEA cabinet list, select the individual cabinet numbers and sizes you purchased. We will show you a preview of each door front in your selected material. Drag the cursor over the preview and onto the black square. You may then customize, delete or duplicate your individual selection. You may also click on a selected front and drag it, to instantly rearrange your kitchen plan. To create additional kitchen wall elevations, click on the "Add a Wall" button beneath Wall 1, and repeat the process for base, wall and high cabinets, custom panels, spacers and kicks.

At any point, you may select the "View List/Price" button to receive a price summary. Before completing your design, register using the "Customer Login" button, and then save your kitchen design selections, submit them for review or place your order. It's that simple. Once your design selections are saved, you may login and open them at any time.

If you need something more, such as a custom piece or solution that does not appear on our website, we can handle it!. Just review our Help Page or contact us.


Get an Instant Quote

At any point in the design process you can get an instant quote.