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SEKTION is IKEA's current line of modular kitchen cabinets.


IKEA discontinued the AKURUM line of cabinets in February of 2015, but if you still have Akurum boxes, we still manufacture fronts for them.

Select Your Material

Lacquered Fiberboard

Natural Wood Veneers

CVG Bamboo

Natural Wood Veneers

Quartered American Brown Ash

Natural Wood Veneers

Quartered Hickory/Pecan

Natural Wood Veneers

Quartered Eucalyptus

Natural Wood Veneers

Rift White Oak Linea

Natural Wood Veneers

Rift Black Walnut Linea

Natural Wood Veneers

Plain Sliced Ebony Ipe (Unfinished)

Natural Wood Veneers

3-ply CVG Bamboo

Natural Wood Veneers

Chestnut (CVG) 3-ply Bamboo

Natural Wood Veneers

Quartered White Ash

Natural Wood Veneers

Quartered Teak

Natural Wood Veneers

Rift White Oak

Natural Wood Veneers

Quartered Walnut

Natural Wood Veneers

Flat Sawn Walnut

Natural Wood Veneers

Quartered Rosewood Santos

RCN Wood Veneers

Champagne RCN

RCN Wood Veneers

Quartered Wenge RCN

RCN Wood Veneers


RCN Wood Veneers

Walnut RCN

RCN Wood Veneers

Gun Metal Ebony RCN

RCN Wood Veneers

Qtr. Slate RCN

Solid Surface, Phenolic, and Solicor

Clear Fiberboard

Solid Surface, Phenolic, and Solicor

Charcoal Phenolic (Black 1595)

Solid Surface, Phenolic, and Solicor

Dove Grey Phenolic (D-92)

Solid Surface, Phenolic, and Solicor

Natural Almond Phenolic (D-30)

Solid Surface, Phenolic, and Solicor

Khaki Brown Phenolic (D-50)

Textured Laminates in Slab, Shaker, and Glass Doors

Fenix NTM (Ultra Matte)

Reflekt High Gloss Acrylics

Shinnoki Prefinished Wood Veneers

Select Your Color

P1 Warm white

P2 Cool white

P3 Gray

P4 Greige

P5 Taupe

P6 Blue

P7 Dark Gray

P8 Cool Gray

P9 Deep Gray

P10 Warm Gray

P11 Light Taupe

P12 Bold Yellow

P13 Bold Green

P14 Bold Rust

P15 Bold Blue

P16 Ivory White


Custom Color

Aspen Oak LM67

Rustic Oak LN26

Palissandro Blue LM95

Vineyard Oak LN30

City Oak LM69

Palissandro Walnut LM98

Oregon Pine LK84

Palissandro LK55

Vintage LM63

Lakeshore Oak LN28

Noce Leuca LK44

Carbone LM08

Bianco Male 0029

Bianco Kos 0032

Grigio Efeso 0725

Blu Fes 0754

Beige Arizone 0748

Beige Luxor 0719

Castoro Ottawa 0717

Grigio Londra 0718

Grigio Bromo 0724

Nero Ingo 0720

Cacao Orinoco 0749

Rosso Jaipur 0751

Grigio Antrim 0752

Verde Comodoro 0750

Pure White 11046

White 1982

Soft White 1994

Grey 85384

Natural Oak

Ivory Oak

Milk Oak

Desert Oak

Manhattan Oak

Dusk Fraké

Granite Walnut

Smoked Walnut

Stone Triba

Mineral Triba

Frozen Walnut

Stardust Walnut

Raven Oak

Chalk Ash

Select Your Pulls

Fronts made of this material cannot have integrated pulls.

Pull 1

Continuous Edge

Pull 2a

Integrated Edge 6-Inch

Pull 2b

Integrated Edge 12-Inch

Pull 3a

Integrated Mortise

Pull 3b

Integrated Mortise 9-Inch

Pull 4a

Corner Edge Left

Pull 4b

Corner Edge Right

Pull 5a

Integrated Mortise Wedge

Pull 5b

Integrated Mortise Wedge 9-Inch

Pull 6

Continuous Metal Edge

Pull 8

No Pull


Your Custom Colors

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